Sunday, May 6, 2012

Welcome to the Defacement of Property Music Blog!

Greetings, music enthusiasts. My name is Gary Matthias, also known by my performing name, G2Z. I am a hip-hop vocalist and producer, and the founder of Defacement of Property (D.O.P.) Music. D.O.P. Music has been mostly an intermittent hobby over the past 10 years while I juggled my school and work schedules. I am creating this blog alongside the launch of as way of documenting my journey of taking my music quality from an amateur to a more professional level.

Honestly, most of the music I have created over the past 10 years has been mainly for my own entertainment—that is to say, not for general consumption. In the near future, I seek to increase the quantity of my songs while also improving my overall production quality, all in an effort to increase my listening base.

My first order of business to come up a list of software programs and equipment to add to my repertoire for the entire music creation process from production to recording to mixdown to mastering.


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