Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Starting My Collection: Avantone MixCubes

Ordered a few studio toys a few days ago, and one of my two boxes arrived today. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Avantone MixCubes.

Avantone MixCubes Avantone MixCubes

These studio monitors are a modern rendition of the Auratone 5c SoundCubes that were popular in music studios in the 1970s as a reference monitor specifically for lo-fi speakers. These speakers, nicknamed "Horrortones," were intentionally limited in their sound capabilities, lacking bass and treble, thus placing a magnifying glass on the mid-range frequencies. A mixing engineer who could make a song sound bearable on these limited Auratone 5c SoundCubes has accomplished the feat making a song that sounds pleasant even on crappy speakers.

 Avantone MixCubes   Avantone MixCubes

The Auratone 5c SoundCubes are no longer manufactured and the ones that are in existence are pretty worn as they are decades old now. These Avantone MixCubes are a modern-day replacement for their vintage counterparts. They are meant to be used as a secondary reference monitors. My primary reference monitors are still being shipped at the moment. I'm looking forward to setting these babies up and putting them to use.

Avantone MixCubes


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